Runic Symbols in Watery Hall.

The Runic Symbols appear in the rooms Watery Hall, Sun Tower and Arboretum in the Chozo Ruins, in the game Metroid Prime. The Runic Symbols activate gates and passages. Normally, Samus needs to scan four to activate something, which in turn will allow her to access previously unreachable areas. They may or may not depict hieroglyphs in the Chozo language. When a symbol is scanned, it glows white.

Watery Hall[]

One of the Runic Symbols in the Watery Hall, it has not yet been activated.

When Samus enters the Watery Hall, she must turn to her left to find the first Runic Symbol. The second symbol is located on a platform in the middle of the acid, with Blastcaps blocking it. The third symbol is located underneath the runic gate. The fourth and final symbol is located on the right side of the gate. When Samus has scanned all of the symbols, a fifth will appear on the gate. After she scans this, the gate will lower and access to the Charge Beam will be granted.


From the Gathering Hall, Samus must blast the Venom Weed at the base of the Arboretum, then scan the first symbol. The second symbol is on the Cyrlic tree by the wooden bridge. The third symbol is on the wall after the Morph Ball tunnel (Samus must use Morph Ball Bombs to destroy the tunnel's blocks). Finally, Samus must climb up to the sealed gate and turn around to find the fourth Runic Symbol on the central tree. After opening the gate, she can lay a Morph Ball Bomb at the Sandstone wall to reveal a small passage that eventually leads to the Sunchamber.

Sun Tower[]

Samus will need the Scan Visor and the Super Missiles to see the Runic Symbols in the Sun Tower. Two of the symbols are located on two of the pillars in the middle, while the other two are located behind Cordite panels. Once Samus has scanned all of them, she will be able to ride up the Spider Ball Track.


Concept art

Watery Hall
"This runic symbol has been activated. Four runic symbols in this room must be activated."
Watery Hall gate (locked)
"This large metal gate blocks entrance to the area beyond. Four runic symbols adorn its surface. Matching symbols within this room must be scanned to gain access here."
Watery Hall gate (unlocked)
"The gate has been unlocked."
Arboretum gate
"This decorative gate is obstructing passage through the doorway. Four runic symbols adorn its surface. Matching symbols within this room must be scanned to gain access here."
Sun Tower gate
"This decorative object is obstructing the path along a magnetic track. Four runic symbols adorn its surface. Matching symbols within this area must be scanned to gain access here."


  • Runic Symbols might have been a security sort of device for the Chozo.
  • The designs of the symbols are stylistically similar to the Beam icons on Samus's Visor.
  • The symbols are an element of the game that has been updated with bloom lighting in the Wii versions of the game.