In Aether's name we fight!

—Returning the Sky Temple Key

A Luminoth Keybearer in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, S-Jrs was killed fighting the Ing after being intercepted on his way to Aether to gather reinforcements for the ambushed Keybearers. This occurred at the Sanctuary Entrance of the Sanctuary Fortress. A-Kul, in one of her clues, labeled S-Jrs as loyal, but any other properties of the warrior are unknown.

Logbook entries[edit | edit source]

S-Jrs' Testament

Temporary scan

Luminoth Datapac translated.
(S-Jrs' Testament)
Data transferred to your Logbook for further review.

Logbook entry

A-Kul tried to send me back to Aether, that I might get reinforcements. Both cadres have been attacked, devastated. The Ing followed me. They came, wearing the skin of beasts. I gave them a good fight, yet, I have failed. May I redeem my honor in the next life. Here, at the fortress entrance, I breathe my last.

S-Jrs' Key

Temporary scan

Hear the words of A-Kul, that you may find a key lost to our cause.

Logbook entry

Loyal S-Jrs. He no longer breathes, looking down at the great bridge of a holy fortress.

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