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The subject of this article was created by Metroid fans.
It is not considered an official Nintendo-licensed part of the Metroid franchise. All story elements are non-canon.

SMILE open, with the Crateria Landing Site in view.

The Super Metroid Integrated Level Editor, also known as SMILE, is an open source level editor for Super Metroid. Originally created by "Jathys" and released online on October 12, 2003, SMILE has been updated and maintained by other fans in the years since.[1] Today, SMILE is considered to be the pinnacle editor for Super Metroid, and is primarily used to modify the game, anything from simple color changes or item switches to full-blown overhauls of the game which redesign areas and increase the game's difficulty.

Unused content[]

Using SMILE, it is possible to access a room in Norfair that does not exist in the game, the unused Stoke, Bang and Reflec enemies, Shutters with red and yellow lights (which are never seen in the game) and a "half-Ripper block" with half of a Ripper on it. Using SMILE has also revealed a function allowing Blue Doors to be opened with Power Bombs, which is not possible in the final game, but is in later Metroid titles. Finally, using SMILE reveals that the Hyper Beam deals the same amount of damage as a charged Plasma Beam shot.

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