Specialist M. Angseth was a member of GFMC Task Force Herakles. She was the only known female member of Squad Bravo, and idolized the famed Bounty Hunter and fellow woman, Samus Aran, who had already become a living legend by the time of the events on planet Aether.

While pursuing a Space Pirate vessel, Task Force Herakles ended up crash-landing on Aether. Upon landing the G.F.S. Tyr, the Marines split up, with Force One searching the surrounding area while Angseth and the rest of Force Two remained to guard and repair the Tyr. Despite being a more skilled markswoman than many of her peers, Angseth was relegated to monitor duty in the Security Station. This deeply frustrated Angseth, who felt that her skills were wasted doing nothing but send reports and “stare at a holoscreen”, and yearned for a more active role like her idol.

One day at mealtime, she excitedly described to her comrades Samus' attack on Zebes. Another Marine, PFC I. Crany, mocked the story, finding it difficult to believe that one hunter could take out an entire Space Pirate fleet, and later remarked in his personal log "if Angseth wants to believe in this Samus, or Bigfoot, or Santa Claus, she can.". Crany’s mockery irritated Angseth, who reportedly took it personally.

Angseth ultimately died in the Trooper Security Station where she performed her guard duty, just outside the G.F.S. Tyr's landing site. The exact cause of death is unknown, although she was likely overcome by the Dark Splinter attack on the GFMC Compound.

Logbook entryEdit

SPC M. Angseth

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Logbook entry

This is ridiculous. I can outshoot half the men here, and I'm stuck on monitor duty. I didn't join up to stare at a holoscreen! This wouldn't happen to Samus Aran... She'd be out there taking care of business, not pushing buttons and sending reports.


  • Angseth is the only Trooper on Aether whose corpse has a completely blacked-out visor. While this initially led to some speculation that Angseth somehow survived and escaped, closer inspection reveals a number of small flies buzzig around the helmet, indicating that Angseth’s body still lies within.
  • Angseth mentions being confined to staring at a "holoscreen" in her final log. However, there are no screens in the Trooper Security Station, so what she was referring to is unknown. It may suggest that the Log was not recorded in her final moments and this holoscreen is elsewhere in the Splinter Hive.
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