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The current title is from the game's internal data.

Sabotoru[1] (サボトル?),[2] or Saboturu,[3] is a crawling slug-like creature found in Ferenia and Hanubia on ZDR.


Sabotoru are similar to Kreeps, but with major differences. First, they have a more reddish color, as well as protrusions or pustules along their backs, which are ridged. Second, they move faster when they detect Samus, heading straight for the nearest door where they will then block it. They do so by crawling over it and expanding their body, turning a grey color and extending sharp spikes from their bodies. This behavior appears to be defensive; the doors which Sabotoru attach themselves to are in fact the creatures' nests, identifiable by the presence of clusters of glowing spherical eggs.[4] When Samus activates or passes through a Sabotoru's doorway, the eggs are destroyed, leaving behind a green residue.

Contact with a Sabotoru deals 50 units of damage. They cannot be hurt with uncharged beam shots; only Ice Missiles and three Charge Beam shots can defeat them. Alternatively, the Screw Attack or Power Bomb will instantly kill a Sabotoru. When Samus enters a room, Sabotoru will always be positioned away from her position, closer to the alternate exit. They yield two X Parasites when killed.

Since no Sabotoru are encountered until after the X have been released into the wild, it is unknown whether they are a natural species or if they received enhancements as a result of their infections.

Official data[]

Metroid Dread Perfect Guide[]

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  • It quickly moves to the door and hardens when it discovers Samus, making itself a barrier
  • It cannot move while hardened, but the beam is repelled so missiles and Charge Beams are effective
  • Continuous firing of beams and missiles is effective before it hardens



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  3. ^ The texture for Sabotoru eggs is named "egg_saboturu".
  4. ^ Models for the objects seen on Sabotoru doorways are named "sabotoru_nest_eggs", with the destroyed eggs being named "sabotoru_nest_slime".