Samus wearing her helmet as depicted in Metroid: Other M.

Samus's Helmet is the helmet of Samus Aran. One of the most iconic symbols of her in the Metroid series, it acts as a detachable portion of her overall Power Suit.

First 4 Figures is producing a statue of the helmet, based on its appearance in Metroid Prime, for release in Q1 2022.


Prime's helmet is similar to classic iterations, though dull in color, and the visor is shaped like a rectangle that curves downward into Samus' oxygen tubes.

The helmet is one of Samus' most important protections as it enables her to breathe safely in alien environments using Oxygen Supply Equipment and protect her from head injuries. The helmet is most often red in color (except for the Phazon, Dark and Light Suits) and contains a usually green, but also at times blue, orange or white Visor that can be customized to see in different spectrums, scan objects for data, and command her gunship. When working with a team, Samus' helmet contains a comm system.

The helmet is removable from the Power Suit, but how it does so varies from game to game. Early depictions showed it manually removable like regular helmets and sometimes held in Samus' left hand in a pose, such as in the Samus Unmasked Trophy and Special Ending of Metroid Prime. However, as more recent Metroid games have depicted the Power Suit activating via a bright flash using Samus' focused consciousness, the helmet's removal has adjusted accordingly. In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Samus seems to press a button on the left side of the helmet to turn it off in two instances, to vomit excess Phazon in the Bryyo Seed following the battle with Mogenar, after which she reactivates it in the same manner, and while reflecting on her fellow Bounty Hunters on the Main Docking Bay of SkyTown, Elysia. In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Corruption and Metroid: Other M, Samus dematerializes the Power Suit at will, though it is only in Corruption that she disables her helmet alone. Prime artwork for the Fusion Suit states that the helmet is removed much like an attached-cap: if removed, it can bend backwards and remain attached to Samus.

Samus is able to turn the visor opaque and transparent seemingly at will, in ways unknown. It is likely the visor works similar to a one-way mirror allowing Samus to see out while others cannot see in, unless she chooses otherwise. This happens in Other M, where she turns her visor opaque shortly before gameplay begins again.

Gandrayda had promised Dark Samus she would bring her Samus' "bloody helmet" as a trophy, but whether this would have been possible is unknown, as it is known that the Power Suit cannot be removed from Samus unless done surgically.

Physical appearance[]

The Echoes, Hunters and Corruption design; this design was present in Prime concept art.

The helmet's basic shape has remained unchanged throughout the series: Its defining features are a T-shaped visor with two thin breathing tubes connecting to the bottom and leading into the sides of the helmet. However, the detail on it has varied somewhat from game to game: In most of the 2-D games, the first Prime game and Other M, the helmet sported an upside-down semicircular groove above the visor that tapered to a point, with another grooved, vertical line connecting down the middle of the helmet. The two Prime sequels introduced a sleeker model, with the vertical groove running all the way down to the visor, and flanked by two additional zigzagging lines. Concept artwork for Other M depicted two mysterious almond-shaped ridges in the helmet's front above the visor, possibly representing Chozo eyes, though they are not present in the game. In Metroid: Samus Returns, the T-visor strongly resembles that of Dark Samus' take on her helmet.

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