Gandrayda samus

Gandrayda masquerading as Samus on the Olympus

Samus-G refers to Gandrayda mimicking Samus Aran in her Varia Suit. It is witnessed during her battle and first appearance in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The mimic is first encountered in the Ready Room, as Samus walks in with Gandrayda masquerading as her, but reverts to her regular form when Fleet Admiral Castor Dane yells "Gandrayda! Enough!".

Later, Gandrayda assumes Samus's form during the battle against her on the Pirate Homeworld. When Gandrayda's health is halved, she will pump and charge electricity along her fist, run, do a cartwheel and then become Samus-G, running a bit more before aiming her Arm Cannon at the real Samus. During this form's battle, she uses the Boost Ball to charge around the arena, usually back and forth, in a very similar manner to the battles with the Boost Guardian and Dark Samus in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. She is said to wield the Power Beam, but it is actually a purple laser beam.

The last time Samus-G is seen is during Gandrayda's death, when the last form she takes before being absorbed by Dark Samus is the PED Suit (something she had not copied before), in which she reaches out to the real Samus.


Fake Samus

Samus-G in Proving Grounds

"Morphology: Samus-G. Power Beam and Boost Ball online, but can only reach ground targets."



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