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Samus Tank

The Samus Tank was a tank operated by a mysterious creature with mandibles in chapter 13 of Samus and Joey. The Tank was used in conjunction with Hunter-Killers to kill off imprisoned bioforms in experiments conducted by a mysterious organization rumored to be pulling the strings of galactic wars. Like the Hunter-Killers, the Samus Tank is a spider resembling Samus Aran, but it does not have the same legs as the Killers and instead of an upper body in Samus' image, it has a faceplate resembling her helmet. It is operated from a glass dome at the top. The machine was capable of firing one thousand plasma shots. The creature attempted to use this attack on the real Samus when she appeared, but she used her Shinespark to evade them, and then Screw Attacked into the machine, destroying it and killing the operator.

Desert Phantom concept

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