The Sanctuary Energy Controller is the Energy Controller in the Sanctuary Fortress. It appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The Ing took the energy and stored it in their version of the Energy Controller, but Samus is successful in taking back the energy from Dark Aether and returned it to the light version. The dead body of O-Lir and his holographic messages recorded before death are both located here. Samus receives the ability to translate cobalt holograms here.

The Dark Aether version of this room is the Hive Energy Controller.

Connecting rooms[]


Dead Luminoth
"Bioscan complete.
Luminoth subject terminated 1.1 decacycles ago.
Subject has taken damage from a number of Luminoth weapon systems, most likely used by rogue Luminoth combat drones. It took more than the Ing to defeat this warrior."
Energy Controller
"Object analysis complete.
This is a regional Energy Controller.
Unit regulates planetary energy in this sector, and is linked to a global energy network."
Energy chamber
"Initial analysis complete.
Chamber holds a collection of several types of energy. Notable types include solar, bio, and geothermal energy. Unable to measure exact power levels with current scan equipment."
Controller interface module
"Object analysis complete.
This is an access point for the local energy system.
The Energy Transfer Module has been designed to interface with it. Once it has, all of the energy within the module will be channeled into the local system."
"Luminoth holoprojector online.
Automated message initiated."
Luminoth Lore (Agon Falls) (Gamecube version only)
A massive Ing attack came to the land of Agon. Soon, the Temple was surrounded by the Horde, with no hope of salvation. Our gallant warriors there were slain, and Agon fell to the enemy. Our blood chilled when we learned that the energy within that temple was drained. The Ing had found the Energy Transfer Module, and were using it as a weapon against us."
Luminoth Lore (The Final Crusade) (Trilogy version only)
"While our forces on Dark Aether fought desperate battles against superior numbers, our best minds completed their work. The Energy Transfer Module, a device designed to recover our lost planetary energy, was ready at last. A force of our greatest warriors was assembled, each equipped with the best armor and weaponry available. We sent this brave cadre of fighters to invade the Sky Temple and seize the missing energy lying within."
Energy Controller (after obtaining the Light Suit)
"Structural analysis complete.
Luminoth Energy Control System online and active. Power flow at full and holding steady. Broadcast power system transmitting to all regions. Light-based teleportation system online."
Light Hologram
"Teleport system active. Step into hologram to initiate teleport."