Sand Drain

A Sand Drain function is present in the Sand Processing room of the Space Pirate mining facility.

On her first pass through this room, Samus finds a large mound of sand on the floor, which acts as a platform for her if she chooses to backtrack, as the Sand Processing room is curved in a U-shape.

Later, after acquiring the Boost Ball, Samus can return to the room and use the floor of the room, which is a Half-pipe, to reach a small alcove on the far-right side. Through a tunnel here, Samus will reach an observation area containing a Bomb Slot. If she activates it, the sand in the room will drain through a grate in the floor. A Missile Expansion is then revealed, and Samus can exit the observation window and collect it.


Interface Module
"Sand Drain control system online.
Energize the nearby control slot with a Morph Ball Bomb to begin the sand draining procedure."
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