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The "Sand Tower summit" is a room in the experimental simulated desert area of Sector 3 / Pyrosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This circular room is located at the top of the Desert Refinery and constructed entirely out of metal and steel with a tiled floor. The room is surrounded by barriers that are open to the indoor complex outside, but cannot be passed through by Samus. Behind the barrier are sections of wall, buttresses lined with a bright yellow light or accent, and a screen spanning the width of the room that reflects the yellow lights or accents. Being round, the room has no corners, although the north, south, east and west sides of the floor use sections of black, patterned tile with a grey border.

In the center of the room is a tower or generator of some sort, and is situated over a hole with a lift. On her first visit to this room, Samus is ambushed by the Rhedogian she had faced in the Pyrosphere earlier. It destroys the upper half of the tower, leaving its four buttresses damaged with some damage to the base as well. During the battle the Rhedogian will rise to the top of the room once it has taken enough damage. A single Missile blast to its eye will send the creature falling to its supposed doom, although Samus encounters it again in the Biosphere "confrontation room" later on. Once the Rhedogian is defeated, the camera shifts to the lift underneath the former tower, which reactivates itself automatically. This lift has four cyan lights surrounding it, which pulse. It brings Samus down to the "desert cave".

On subsequent visits to the room, there are no enemies.

Connecting rooms[]