Mining Station Access Pirate

Sandgates are gates that are present in Mining Station A. They are found behind the statue of D-Chr and block access to Central Station Access. These mechanisms are constructed of a powerful Luminoth-designed alloy, which can only be damaged by artillery grade or higher weapons. This would suggest that the Power Bombs might destroy them, but as they were stolen from Samus at the beginning of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, this is not a practical option for her. However, an Interface Module nearby, when scanned, moves the Sandgates to an open position, allowing Samus to continue on to the Space Pirate mining facility. The mechanism that controls the Sandgates are apparently part of a larger mining system that extracts minerals from raw ore.


"Structural analysis complete.
Gates constructed of Luminoth-designed alloy. Scan data indicates that weapons of artillery grade or higher would damage anything made from this alloy.
Gate mechanism
"Mechanical analysis complete.
Device is a component of a larger mining system and used to extract minerals from raw ore."
Interface Module
"Automated function initiated.
Sandgates will move to the open position."
Interface Module (used)
"Sandgate Control malfunction.
Gate controls are locked in place."
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