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The Satellite Uplink is a device that Samus comes across during her mission to Bryyo in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

While attempting to purge Bryyo of its Leviathan Seed, Samus finds that it is protected by a shield. In search of a way to disable this shield, Aurora Unit 242 informs her that she is near the wreckage of the G.F.S. Theseus, which contains a Satellite Uplink device that potentially has information about the Seed.

Arriving in the Theseus, Samus must complete a puzzle to activate the Satellite Uplink, which is situated in the center of the ship's interior. The first step in this puzzle involves destroying two clamps on a blast door with Missiles or charged shots. This door will then fall and reveal a wall of three power rods. While one rod is currently active, the other two are separated into two parts, and must be connected with the Grapple Lasso. Once the rods are reconnected, the ship begins to receive power once again, and the Satellite Uplink rises through a hatch in the floor. A hatch in the ceiling also opens up.

Samus is then able to activate the Satellite Uplink using a security lever on it. The satellite then rises up and broadcasts a signal, downloading a complete Map of Bryyo (with the exception of Bryyo Ice) to Samus' Power Suit. The satellite also reveals how the Leviathan Shield can be disabled: by targeting two Seed Shield Generators on two different areas of the planet.


"Satellite interface unit is powered. Control systems are disrupted. Realign controls to engage interface."
"Satellite interface unit is online. Control systems engaged. New landing site data received."


Activate the Satellite Uplink

Planet: Bryyo

Information: Samus, the Leviathan Seed is protected by an energy shield. You will not be able to reach it with that barrier active.

We need more data to determine how the shield can be disabled. You are near the wreckage of a downed Federation vessel. If you can use the satellite uplink on the ship, you may be able to access information concerning the Seed. [In 242's transmission:] Prepare to receive the ship's coordinates now.