Saturnine is a bioluminescent fungoid found in Tallon IV's darker regions. It is not dangerous to any known organisms, but is known for its beautiful blue glow. Small buzzing green butterflies can be seen near Saturnine, if examined closely.

Largely overgrown Saturnines can be seen in the deeper caverns of the Phazon Mines, bloated in size due to exposure to Phazon ore. Scanning them states that they have increased in size by 400%. Samus can use them as platforms. Matter from these overgrown Saturnines were used in Elite Nutrient Mix, replacing deca-triticale.

Saturnines can be found in Canyon Cavern, Overgrown Cavern, Metroid Quarantine A, Fungal Hall Access, Fungal Hall A and B and Quarantine Access B.

Metroid Prime scansEdit

Overgrown Cavern

Overgrown Cavern

Species: Saturnine
Small iridescent mushroom. Typically grow in dank, dark regions.

Metroid Quarantine AEdit

"Size increase of 400% indicated in fungal unit."
"Infusion of Phazon into local fungi is proceeding. This program has produced a cheap, viable ration for many of our Phazon-enhanced units on Tallon IV. A mass-production program has been authorized."
"Fungal invigoration fluid processing levels normal."


  • Saturnines somewhat resemble the real-world mushroom species Lactarius indigo (blue milk mushroom).
  • The mushrooms in the background of the Phazon Mines-like mining levels of Donkey Kong Country Returns may be a reference to Saturnines.
  • The Saturnines share their name with a race of vampiric, fish-like arthropods from the sci-fi drama Doctor Who.
  • "Saturnine" literally means "born under the influence of the planet Saturn", from the Middle English, Saturne.