This article is about the room in Eastern SkyTown. For other uses of the name, see Save Station B (disambiguation).

Save Station B is a small room in Eastern SkyTown, Elysia. It is located next to the Chozo garden, Botanica. The room contains a Save Station and has a large Cyrlic tree whose roots and leaves cover the floor. Several decorative lights have been hung on the leaves and branches of the tree. Two identical "Celestial clocks" depict an unknown Solar System, and are placed either side of the Blue Door to the room.

Connecting rooms[]

Design notes[]

Save station b elysia.png

Matt Manchester designed the room. Here are his notes:

"I always loved the feel of the save stations in prime. I thinks its the immediate sense of comfort and safety you feel when entering one. I wanted push that feeling that I always got, and make a very serene little hideaway type of save station. Along the walls, I made celestial clocks, that correspond to some unknown solar system, and the respective orbits of their planets."

On's forums, he had this to say:

"That save station and metroid lab were a couple of my personal favorites to work on as well. I always really liked the save stations in prime. They had a lot of really good atmosphere, and were always like these little isolated safe zones that felt really good to enter into. This save station was one they decided to add to skytown in the middle of development, and I jumped at the chance to art it up. I think I had just watched Solaris with some friends, and I really liked how in that movie they would attach strips of paper to the vent covers around the ship to emulate the sounds of blowing leaves, to remind them of home. I imagined for the save station that the chozo would create a sort of greenhouse room that would remind them of another home planet or something, when they tired of the gas giant atmosphere of Elysia."[1]


Cyrlic tree
"Cyrlic tree is a bio-engineered plantform created by the Chozo. Often planted on other planets."
Celestial clocks
"This Chozo model appears to represent a specific solar system. No profile matches in data bank."



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