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The subject of this article is not named in-game.
The current title is from the game's internal data.


Sbugs feeding on a corpse

Sbug[1] (コズミック・バグ cosmic bug?)[2], also known simply as insects[3], is a species of Zebesian insect.

Sbugs lurk in the underground section of Crateria; inside the powerless Wrecked Ship; in Kraid's Hideout; in the blue rock section of old Brinstar before the Morph Ball is obtained; and in the original Tourian escape shaft before the Eye alerts the Zebesian Space Pirates. They are blue in the ruined Tourian part of Crateria and in Brinstar, but green in all other areas. Their fate after the destruction of the planet is unknown.

Sbugs can also be seen feeding on a Deceased Soldier that rather resembles a Federation Marine, just outside Kraid's room. They are small in size, and flee as soon as anything larger, such as Samus, comes near them. The only location where the creatures will consistently reappear is at the site of the aforementioned corpse. It is unknown whether they are solely scavengers by nature or are simply taking the opportunity to eat a free meal.


  • This lifeform resembles both butterflies and Pirate Wasp Mothers. The Phazon Leech feeds on carrion and are unimportant life-forms similar to the Sbugs. However, they can be killed, unlike the Sbugs.
  • Super Metroid Players' Guide states that "once you locate the morphing ball (see Brinstar), you'll find those seemingly harmless insects have spawned into a vicious array of mutants". This insinuates that Sbugs are a younger form of Zebesians and/or the other creatures that appear at the same time as them.


  1. ^ Name derived from the debug mode of Super Metroid, which refers to them as SBUG. Given its name in a Japanese guidebook translates to "cosmic bug", it is likely that "Sbug" is an abbreviation of "Space Bug".
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