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Scan Bolt

The Scan Bolt is an Assist AUX ammo item in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It is fired at an enemy in order to detect their weak spot and activate the homing capability of the Mech's arm cannon, giving a tactical advantage to the Federation Force soldier who scanned the enemy. Using the Scan Bolt on an enemy earns the soldier 25 extra points for "Scanned". It acts as a pseudo-Scan Visor in this way.

Weakening Scan

The Weakening Scan MOD weaponizes the Scan Bolt by causing scanned enemies to take a 50% increase in any damage dealt to their exposed weak spots. Only one copy of the MOD can be equipped at a time.

In-game descriptionsEdit

Scan BoltEdit

"A sensor that exposes weak points and activates Power Shot homing."

Weakening ScanEdit

"Scanned enemies take 50% more damage to weak spots."

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