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The scientist[1] is found in the Main Boiler Control room in Sector 3. It is actually a Core-X (which carries the Wide Beam) imitating a Lab Worker, who appears to be a relatively small, bald-headed human in a lab coat. This false researcher was the one responsible for trying to sabotage the Main Boiler, rather than the SA-X as previously speculated. Adam theorizes that the X Parasite that had absorbed the scientist had also acquired the memories of how to operate the boiler; with this information, it overcame its natural survival instincts and attempted to destroy the Biologic Space Laboratories research station in the hopes of killing Samus Aran, whom it perceived as the greatest current threat to its entire species' existence. Based on this theory, it would seem that this particular X Parasite deemed the deaths of all the X onboard the station, including itself, to be of little consequence compared to the safety of the parasites living on SR388. Curiously none of the other X made any attempt to stop this particular X from destroying the station; in fact they attempted to hinder Samus from reaching the Main Boiler Control Room, likely in agreement of self-sacrifice.

Fusion unusedscientiststuff

Unused animation for having a hole blown through the character's chest.

After the scientist is shot a few times with any weapon, if ran into, or even if just stared at by Samus, it will revert to its true form, a Core-X, and start shooting Wide Beams at Samus. The Core-X must be defeated before time runs out. Upon its defeat, Samus recovers the Wide Beam upgrade and is able to access the control panel and bring the Main Boiler's cooling systems back online. Even in human form, the X is damaging to the touch, though the damage in question is quite minimal.


  • Normally, the X Parasites completely consume the bodies of human beings instead of mimicking them, as humans are considered too weak for combat. In some cases, the human DNA that an X Parasite carries may be combined with a slime creature to create zombie researchers. However, none of this happened to the scientist. It is possible that the Core-X decided to mimic the researcher perfectly as the human's dexterity would help it accomplish its suicidal goal.
  • An SA-X makes a similar sacrifice to this particular X in the Restricted Laboratory, which housed Metroids, the X's natural predator. Said SA-X caused the lab to detach from the BSL station and self-destructed, killing all the Metroids on board as well as itself, likely in an attempt to prevent a Metroid outbreak across the entire station.
  • The Fake Chozo Statue is the only other X-based boss that had infected/mimicked a form, but ultimately did not use it in combat.
  • The scientist is one of two Metroid Fusion bosses to be fought during a Countdown, the other being the Omega Metroid.
  • There is an unused sprite for the mimicked human in which it seems to be pushed backwards as a result of being shot in its stomach. In the final version of the game, the Human Core-X looks slowly towards Samus unfazed, even if constantly shot by her weapons. It is possible that the sprite was removed because it was deemed too graphic.
  • X Parasites can apparently take the shape of nonliving items, as the scientist's ‘death’ animation reveals that its lab coat is in fact a part of the X Parasite. Based on the battle against the SA-X, the X are assumed to use organic materials, molded into shape, to simulate synthetic compounds that the species cannot directly infect or copy.
  • The scientist does not have battle music. Instead, Sector 3 Restore the Cooling Installation Timer Mission, which plays during the "emergency in Sector 3" sequence, continues playing until the Main Boiler is shut down. This theme also plays as Samus is leaving the Restricted Laboratory, and during the Omega Metroid battle.