Scrapvault Lift is a room in Pirate Research in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room features an Elevator that goes upward in a diagonal fashion. A gate blocks Samus' path, but there is a way around this: a tunnel in the wall can be used to get around the gate, but it is blocked by a hatch. Samus can destroy it with her Charge Beam. The tunnel will take her into a chamber where she can find the power switch to the gate. Shooting it will lift the gate and allow Samus to continue. Under the floor, liquid Phazon is visible, and a Phazon Grub may be seen.

Connecting rooms[]


"Access hatch appears structurally weak. Heavy weapon fire will destroy it."
Power switch
"Security hatch controls. A strong impact might be able to activate the power switch."
Power switch (activated)
"Security hatch controls have been activated. Hatch has moved into its open position."
"Security hatch locked. Unable to open from this side. Locate the hatch controls."
Lift (inactive)
"Lift system is offline. Use nearby control terminal to restore lift operations."
Lift (active)
"Lift system is online and ready for use. All operations are functioning normally."
Lift hologram
"Primary lift system online. Access to cargo lift granted. Enter hologram to start lift."