Scrapworks is a room in Pirate Research in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room features a set of numerous Morph Ball tunnels that must be navigated. It lies over a liquid pool of Phazon that Samus is unable to utilize. While she rolls around, she will encounter numerous pests, with a Zapper turret shooting at all of them. While rolling through the tunnel, Samus must utilize several Bomb Slots to open new passages and hatches. When a hatch door is opened, it will flash three times and then lift.

The first hatch will lead into a chamber high above the Scrapvault. This will allow Samus to stop the flow of energy being provided to access doors in the room. The second hatch is an exit out of the tunnels.

Connecting roomsEdit



Energy Tank
Located in the main tunnel. Can be reached by a Bomb Jump.
Ship Missile Expansion
A Half-pipe near the exit must be used to reach a Spider Ball Track. This track will lead to the expansion. However, you can also reach the expansion before getting the Spider Ball upgrade, as evidenced by the video below.
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