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The Orpheon stage mid-flip in Brawl.

The Screen-Flip is a hazard on the Frigate Orpheon stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Occasionally during battles, a loud alarm will blare four times with a flashing light, and the stage will flip 180 degrees. The camera zooms out to focus on the whole stage when the flip occurs, before zooming back in on the fighters. The Parasite Queen in the background will remain where she was positioned in her background tube, before flipping as well and dropping back to the level of the stage. Remaining on-stage during the flip risks fighters ending up underneath the stage and unable to recover, meaning they will fall beyond the blast lines and get KO'd.

In Spirit battles in Ultimate, the Parasite Queen Support Spirit provides Screen-Flip Immunity if equipped, preventing the stage from flipping. This also applies to other stages, such as Spear Pillar.

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