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A Scythe is a forearm-mounted weapon used by the Space Pirates in the Metroid Prime series, as a close-quarters combat weapon. The Pirates can readily use them in most circumstances, but some Pirates instead deploy the scythe from a wrist-mounted gauntlet. The Pirates in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption also favour the use of the deployable scythe, in conjunction with the Dash Jet system. These scythes are double-bladed, resembling a classic Zebesian's claws. This allows them to sweep the battlefield with the weapon. The scythes are used by many types of Pirate, including Tallon IV Space Pirates, Pirate Troopers, Grenadiers, Militia, and Bermuda System Pirates.

Weavel the Space Pirate also uses the scythe as an addition to the Battlehammer. In his Alt-Form, the Halfturret, his upper half utilises the scythe as its primary attack.

The Phazon Elite is described in scans as wielding energy bayonets or scythes, though these manifest ingame as glowing extensions of its natural claws.

Oddly, aboard the G.F.S. Valhalla there is a scannable Federation Trooper who is stated to have been killed by a scythe, but his body has been impaled by an assault cannon's claws instead.

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