The Seal Sphere that imprisoned Gorea.

The Seal Sphere is an artifact created to imprison the malevolent being known as Gorea. The Seal Sphere was the last hope of the Alimbics, as all previous attempts to stop Gorea had been turned against the Alimbics by the beast. The Seal Sphere was used to imprison Gorea by ensnaring its psychic powers and immobilizing it. During the events of Metroid Prime Hunters, the seal of Seal Sphere is opened by Samus' rival Bounty Hunters (Kanden, Weavel, Spire, Sylux, Noxus, and Trace) because they had been fooled into believing that it held the secret to ultimate power.

Once free, Gorea latches onto the Seal Sphere and begins to draw energy from it. Gorea then dispatches the other Hunters, absorbs their weapons, and faces Samus in combat. During this battle, the Seal Sphere is Gorea's only weak spot. After Samus successfully destroys its arms, Gorea begins to depend on the Seal Sphere, which Samus must target. During the second phase of the battle, Gorea continues to draw all remaining energy from it, and it is vulnerable to the Omega Cannon. Gorea is defeated and the Seal Sphere is destroyed at the same time by Samus.

Logbook entries[edit | edit source]

Seal Sphere 01

Logbook entry

The fathomless power of the captive beast is the very engine of the SEAL SPHERE. As long as its psychic powers are ensnared, GOREA cannot escape.

Seal Sphere 02

Logbook entry

GOREA is immobilized within the SEAL SPHERE, just one of many precautions taken to ensure its eternal captivity.

Seal Sphere 03

Logbook entry

The ALIMBIC ORDER directed surviving citizens to transfer their essences into the SEAL SPHERE. Our combined psychic energy is the engine that powers the sphere.

Seal Sphere 04

Logbook entry

The SEAL SPHERE is secure within the OUBLIETTE, from which there is no escape.


Trivia[edit | edit source]

Gorea's second and final form; the yellow orb at the base of the creature is a Seal Sphere.

  • There are two confirmed Seal Spheres in the game, the one attached to Gorea, and one that immobilized Gorea within the Oubliette, which the hunters attempt to destroy.
  • The fact that the Seal Sphere attached to Gorea has the scan title Gorea Seal Sphere suggests that the creature may have gained control of the device during its imprisonment.

References[edit | edit source]

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