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The "Seal Sphere chamber" is a room on the Oubliette. It appears in Metroid Prime Hunters. In this room, Samus confronts the source of the "Ultimate Power" message she received at the start of the game: Gorea.


The room has a blue tint to it, with a small circular platform serving as the arena for Gorea's boss fight. A larger rim around the edge of the room exists, giving Samus space to recharge her energy or Missile/Universal Ammo, and target Gorea from a distance. Scattered around the rim of the room are Trocra, which Samus can destroy for necessary supplies. However, Gorea can also pick up the Trocra and use them as attacks. Separating the rim and arena floor is a yellow ring that is very damaging to Samus upon contact. Through the ring, the bottom of the central platform can be seen.

Scattered throughout the room are Colored Panels, color-coded to match the Affinity Weapons. Shooting these targets with the correct weapon and in the correct order will cause it to spin. If done correctly, it will fulfill the Alimbic Prophecy. These are crucial to go onto the second phase of the battle; if the prophecy is not fulfilled, Samus will die in the resulting ending. Successfully fulfilling the prophecy produces this Gunship transmission:

Translating telepathic intercept: "Spectral sequence initiated. Photon avalanche approaching cascade threshold."


When Samus enters the room, she finds the other Bounty Hunters firing at a pillar with a Seal Sphere atop it, eager to find out the true Ultimate Power (unaware that no such power existed). It explodes, and reveals Gorea, much to their horror. The monster unleashes several tentacles that impale the Hunters, though not fatally, and it assimilates their weapons before confronting Samus. The hunters flee off-screen.

After defeating Gorea, the targets, if shot, will fire beams of their respective color at both Gorea and Samus, transporting them into the second lair.

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Official data[]

Metroid Prime Hunters Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

Fire on the Colored Panels First (pg. 67)
"The way to defeat Gorea is outlined below, but if you want to see the good ending there's something you need to do first. Leap over the yellow, health-draining moat and make your way around the perimeter, firing on the color-coded panels on the wall in a specific order: use the Volt Driver on the yellow symbol, the Battlehammer on the green, the Magmaul on the orange, the Shock Coil on the blue, the Judicator on the purple, and finally the Imperialist on the red. You'll be under fire the whole time, so stay in motion but beware of the moat! watch for each symbol to spin before you move on to the next target. If you succeed, you'll receive a message from your ship."