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The Search View is a feature implemented in Metroid: Other M. When the Wii Remote is pointed at the screen, the "Search View" is activated and Samus Aran has a chance to see the environment in first-person view, much like that of the Metroid Prime series.

While using this feature, Samus can use a sort of Scan Visor on objects in the environment, such as obstacles, Lab Worker bodies and her comrades in the 07th Platoon. Enemies, projectiles and charging also appear to slow down while Samus enters search view.

A new function featured in the gameplay and demo videos shows Samus has the ability to zoom in when scanning, similar to the zoom function with the Imperialist in Metroid Prime Hunters and the X-Ray Visor-Nova Beam combo in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. This may suggest she has a scope in the game.

When using Search View, Samus is unable to move around. She is able to use SenseMove by shaking the Wii Remote, however.

This feature is required to fire Missiles, Super Missiles, and Seeker Missiles.

Search View is the only way to record a boss' health bar, as it does not immediately show up when a boss battle initiates. After the health bar has completely loaded, Samus can read it outside of Search View.

In many sequences throughout the game, Samus will be locked in Search View until she locates something in her vision, or until she repels her enemy that keeps her forced in the mode.

Official data[]

On-Screen Tutorial[]

Point the Wii Remote at the screen and press and hold [B] to look around.

Developer Interview[]

"The Wii remote can be pointed at the television screen, which enables players to look around and investigate the environment. When you think there is something suspicious, if this were a 2D Metroid, you would scatter bombs to try and find it, but in 3D you can use the Wiimote to investigate a suspicious place, and although the method is completely different, the experience is the same." (Tecmo KOEI/Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi) [1]


A transition error in-game.

  • In the Geothermal Power Plant, if Samus takes too long to locate and blast the Magma-eruption port, Ridley's plasma breath will rain down on her, knocking her out of Search View.
  • When Samus kills an enemy at point blank range, blood will splatter on her visor.
  • Search View has been heavily criticised by both video game critics and Metroid fans due to the fact that it is required to use Missiles and locks Samus in place (the latter despite still being able to use SenseMove, albeit with much more awkward controls).

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