Samus faces the component.

The Second Bomb Component is the second acquirable part of the Theronian bomb.

Following Aurora Unit 217's activation, the computer calculates a plan to destroy the Elysia Seed. Since Elysia is a gas giant, Samus will not be able to destroy the Leviathan Shield Generators underneath the dense clouds. Instead, she must assemble the Theronian bomb, a thermonuclear explosive device that will destroy the Leviathan Shield itself. However, Samus cannot lift the components herself. 217 first requests that Samus find the SkyTown Federation Landing Site to obtain a special upgrade for her gunship, the Ship Grapple.

Upon acquisition of the upgrade, 217 gives Samus the coordinates of each component. The second is found in the Concourse, and is locked in place by three clamps scattered around the room; each has four wires that must be destroyed to allow Samus' Gunship to collect the component. It is situated in the room's central platform, and the second component acts as the ceiling. There are hangar doors above it, which are opened to allow the component's removal. The component projects a shifting field of glowing harmful nuclear energy around wires that seal it to the platform. To reach the wires, Samus must take several different paths around the Concourse. After removing the wires, Samus is able to lift the second component out from its resting place and clear Eastern SkyTown's bomb components.

Scan[edit | edit source]

"Theronian containment unit. Nuclear substances present. Handle with extreme caution."

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