The Sector Generator Room is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This is a large room with two massive turbines, one of which is constantly spinning. These likely serve as generators for other areas of the sector, but what exactly they power is unclear. The first turbine is positioned against a wall with a flat surface on a lower floor. The door that the room is entered from is situated on a walkway with a staircase going down to the lower floor, at the base of the first turbine and a platform with two sides that are retracted on the first visit. A second turbine is present to the right of this platform on a raised section of floor, and there are two walkways at its back and front, which can be jumped to from the highest ledge on the turbine.

To navigate the room, Samus must Kick Climb from the wall next to the first turbine until she reaches a a ledge she can grab on the turbine. On the underside of the platform is a sensor, which she must activate with her Charge Beam while holding onto the turbine ledge. When done, an activation alarm is heard and the platform extends up and out, and then rises. Samus can then climb to the highest ledge on the turbine and leap off of it onto the platform, above which is a Fumbleye. Samus is not required to kill it, but can do so if she wishes.

Continuing from the platform, Samus reaches the second turbine and must climb it to either of two walkways: one on the left, and one towards the screen. The latter leads to a Missile Tank (see below), while the former leads to the exit.

Connecting rooms[]



Missile Tank
Once the second turbine has been ascended, Samus must jump to the platform closest to the screen. The Tank will be on a ledge in front of the glass window dividing the walkways with the Tank and the exit door.