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"Sector Zero Access" is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


Sector Zero Access is a long corridor formed in an arc. Like the short hall that precedes it, the room is initially dark until someone enters the room, at which point lights come in in rapid fashion. The lights extend across the length of the ceiling, walls and floor. There are five long pipes, one on the ceiling and two on each wall, that extend the entire length of the hall as well. Along the floor are six dividers, spaced three widths apart. These can be vaulted over by Samus, but it means that she cannot run at max speed with her Speed Booster. She can, however, start running from the previous room and Shinespark to cover some distance.

Samus begins to fall into space.

As Samus approaches the door to the entrance to Sector Zero, she stops and cautiously enters. Following the events in the next room, Samus automatically returns to this room and starts to leave. Super Zebesians gradually drop in and fire at Samus, who can fight them if she wishes or ignore them. As she continues through the hall, a blast door closes and locks the door to the Sector Zero entrance, preventing Samus from backtracking. Shortly after this, the hallway begins detaching in pieces, opening the room to space outside. Samus slides backward, with noticeable sparks emitted from her boots against the metal floor, and struggles to continue running forward. A few seconds later, she loses her grip on the floor and is sucked into space.

She quickly self-authorizes her Gravity Feature, thus allowing her to stay within the hallway and the BOTTLE SHIP. Samus races to escape the collapsing hallway as it detaches in pieces behind her, carrying numerous Super Zebesians with them to their deaths. Samus can shoot the Zebesians to loosen their grip on the walls and floors, or ignore them, as they are too focused on surviving to attack her. Upon reaching the exit, Samus automatically SenseMoves through a pair of blast doors before they lock behind her. This is the only remnant of the room that remains after the Sector Zero sequence. Should Samus return to it, music with melancholic notes will play in the room as a nod to Adam's sacrifice.

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Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 128
"Enter the long, curved hallway and dash to its end. The hall leads to a large chamber where you’re greeted by an old familiar ... friend."
Page 129
"Exit the room and backtrack to Sector 2. While you're en route, Adam releases Sector 0 from the rest of the BOTTLE SHIP. As a result, the long curved hall begins to crumble behind you! Ignore the Super Zebesians in your way and keep running. When the vacuum of space almost sucks you out of the crumbling hall, you activate the Gravity Feature on your Varia Suit and it anchors you back down. Finish running down the hall until you reach the Navigation Booth."


  • Should Samus attempt to Space Jump out of the opening in the hallway, toward a section of the hall that has not exploded yet, she will automatically fall into space and die, causing a Game Over.