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The "Sector Zero Entrance" is a room in Metroid: Other M. Classified in the map as part of the Cryosphere, it leads into the unexplorable Sector Zero.


A shot of the door to enter Sector Zero is seen briefly in a cutscene shortly before Samus enters this room, in a U-shaped corridor where she feels the BOTTLE SHIP begin to move.

Visually, the room is a long hallway lined with large buttresses, four on each side, that have a blue stripe along their lengths and white-colored lights near the ceiling. There are two similar lights in the ceiling as well. The entrance to Sector Zero is at the far end, in a doorway surrounded by large black tubes with orange stripes on them. Halfway during the cutscene in this room, the BOTTLE SHIP begins to move toward Galactic Federation Headquarters, and more lights turn on in the room.

Samus enters the room.

After the cutscene, Samus ends up back in the corridor she entered this room from. It is possible to re-enter this room before the escape sequence is triggered, but there is little incentive to do so other than to explore it more freely. Once the escape sequence begins, this room detaches with the rest of the sector and is destroyed.


When Samus enters this room, the camera's perspective frequently shifts, showing different angles of Samus and something following her. After some time, she stops and automatically enters Search View. When she turns to her left, she is surprised by a Baby Metroid. Recoiling, she has a flashback of the baby from SR388 hatching (as depicted in Metroid II: Return of Samus and Metroid: Samus Returns). After hesitating, she prepares to kill it. However, she is shot in the back and collapses. Losing focus, her Varia Suit fluctuates until it de-materializes. The infant Metroid prepares to attack the defenseless Samus, but is frozen and killed. A soldier comes over to Samus.

Samus is shot.

Shortly after, the soldier is revealed to be Adam, who explains to Samus that the Metroids in Sector Zero, which she had come to eliminate, cannot be frozen. He speculates that the Metroid he killed had not matured enough for it to overcome its immunity to cold. Adam tasks Samus with stopping the BOTTLE SHIP from reaching Galactic Federation Headquarters, rescuing a survivor he found in Room MW and killing Ridley's clone, before approaching Sector Zero. When Samus asks how he plans to destroy unfreezable Metroids, Adam explains that he intends to cause enough damage to the sector that it detaches and self-destructs, and he stunned Samus to prevent her from stopping him or carrying out his suicide mission herself.

Adam proceeds into the main airlock, locking blast doors behind him so that a struggling Samus cannot follow him. He momentarily turns around and asks "No objections, right Lady?", to which Samus responds with a tearful thumbs down. Moments later, Sector Zero begins to separate from the BOTTLE SHIP and Samus hears the explosion. Reactivating her Power Suit, she swears to finish the mission.

Transcript of conversation[]

Samus: A baby... [Samus is shot and the Metroid is killed]

Adam: Samus. Can you hear my voice?

Samus: I read you loud and clear, Adam...

Adam: You know what lies up ahead: the Metroids and the artificial intelligence that controls them. The fruit of the Galactic Federation's twisted project.

Samus: Yes... So why did you shoot me?

Adam: You can't destroy these Metroids.

Samus: What... do you mean?

Adam: Sector Zero Metroids most likely can't be frozen.

Samus: What are you... talking about?

Adam: There's a strong likelihood that the Metroid's mortal weakness, the vulnerability to cold, has been overcome through genetic manipulation. And if that's true, there's no way you can destroy them.

Samus: But that baby earlier... The infant Metroid—you were able to freeze it!

Adam: True. My guess is that it was because it was still in a larval stage, but who can say? One thing's for certain—they're definitely propagating Metroids.

Adam: Developing bioweapons with an obvious and fatal flaw would be suicide. It's hard to imagine the military mass-producing defective weapons. Then again, none of this makes sense. Metroids are lethal—their extinction was a wise decision. And now, since no one has the technology to defeat them, they cannot be allowed to exist.

Samus: Hang on, Adam. First I need to know why you're credited as the creator of the Metroid military program report.

Adam: I received the request to write the report from Galactic Federation headquarters. In that report, I outlined the potential dangers of such a program and explained categorically why it shouldn't be attempted. HQ listened. But a small group within the Federation co-opted my report for its own purposes.

[the lights turn on]

Adam: Samus. You'll be fully recovered soon. I have several missions for you. This facility appears to be on an intercept course with Galactic Federation HQ. If what Madeline Bergman said is correct, there's a distinct possibility that this is the start of an attack by MB against the Federation. One way or another, some sort of attack is clearly imminent. You have to find a way to divert the ship off its intercept course.

I've located a survivor in Room MW toward the rear of the Bioweapon Research Center. Whoever it is will be a key witness. Secure the survivor's safety. And defeat Ridley. He's as much of a threat as the Metroids. And one last word of warning. Madeline Bergman... is no ally.

Samus: Hold on, Adam. What are you planning to do with the Metroids here in Sector Zero?

Adam: Leave it to me. I'll deal with this place.

Samus: You have a plan for dealing with Metroids that can't be frozen?

Adam: ...Sector Zero has a self-destruct protocol. If the sector receives a significant amount of damage, the unit is programmed to detach and self-destruct. A powerful explosion will eliminate the Metroids and MB without leaving a trace.

Samus: Don't you dare, Adam! Let me go in! I'm the only one who has a shot against the Metroids. We have to take the chance! Please, Adam! You have to trust me! You have to trust me. Just give me a chance!

Adam: Samus. I wish I could battle Ridley, but I can't. Unlike you, I'm no galactic savior. I'm merely human. But I can save you. You should be completely healed soon. There isn't much time. We both need to get started on our missions. I'm sorry for getting a little rough with you. Good luck, Samus.

Samus: Wait! Adam! Wait! Adam! Please wait! Adam! Adam! Adam!

Adam: No objections, right Lady? [she gives a thumbs down, he walks on and she sheds a tear]

Samus monologue[]

Adam vanished. My best friend, the person who understood me best... the closest thing to a father I had. Thoughts swirled through my head—I couldn't come to grips with what had happened. Such a cruel way to say good-bye. I was the only one who witnessed Adam's last moment, and though it shook me, I was calmer than I usually am. I think Adam granted me that eye-of-the-storm clarity—his final gift to me.

There was no time for me to grieve his death. But there was time for me to say: Adam, thank you... Leave the rest to me.

—Samus Aran

Connecting rooms[]

This room leads into the Sector Zero Main Airlock. As Samus does not get the chance to enter Sector Zero, this room effectively classifies as a dead end.



  • While Samus would normally be wearing her Paralyzer on her leg, the black Paralyzer holster is absent during the entire cutscene. It is possible that D-Rockets animators overlooked this detail. This is supported by the fact that she has the Paralyzer holster if she dies after the Sector Zero cutscene.
  • Gallery Mode concept art describes this room as a "large gallery passage".[1] An artist that does not identify him/herself provided commentary:
I drew up the design of the area around the front wall and the door before the passage to Sector ZERO. The image's similarities with Tourian are strong, and yet Sector ZERO was designed with the possibility of being cut off and separating, so I also added the motif of a tightly secured airlock.