The Security Access is a room aboard the abandoned G.F.S. Valhalla. From this room, it is possible to see wreckage from other spaceships, possibly even parts of the Valhalla itself. A Fuse Hint Scanbot can be scanned here, and it provides information about Energy Cell ID: DS-5310L-4. This room contains the exit for the Morph Ball tunnel that spans across several rooms.

Connecting roomsEdit



"Target is a backup power generator used for emergencies. Damaged unit is short-circuiting."
Debris (outside window)
"Debris is of the Federation Mk XIII multiturret. It has taken a direct hit from enemy fire."
Fuse Hint Scanbot
"Energy Cell data accessed. Status report has been downloaded. Information moved to Logbook."
Fuse Hint Scanbot (offline)
"Data has already been acquired from this terminal. Unit has automatically shut down."
Space Pirate corpse
"This pirate was unsuccessful in his attempt to crawl through the duct and escape attack."


  • Security Access is one of only three Valhalla rooms to have more than two exits, the other two being Port Observation Deck and Repair Bay.
  • When first entering the room, a few Phazon Hoppers can be seen walking outside the central window.
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