Security Command is an organization among the Space Pirates in Metroid Prime. As seen from an in-game scan, Space Pirates were ordered to attack Samus Aran on sight, and report all sightings of her to Security Command.


"Security alert, all stations. Bioform Samus Aran has made planetfall on Tallon IV. The Hunter is among us. All units are hereby ordered to attack Aran on sight. Terminal force is authorized. Report all sightings of Aran to Security Command at once."

The HunterEdit

Log 10.023.7

Security Command issued an all-points alert after the fall of Zebes. The alert concerns bioform Samus Aran, also known as the Hunter. Subject is a female hominid, and is heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Subject uses a powered armoursuit of unknown design in battle, along with a number of potent Beam and concussive weapons. All combat units are instructed to terminate Aran on sight, preferably in a fashion that will allow salvage of her powered armoursuit and weapons. A considerable bounty will go to the unit who delivers Aran to Command. Dead or alive, it matters not.