Security Gate

Security Gates are obstacles that appear in Torvus Lagoon in the Torvus Bog. They have elaborate designs and are lowered by scanning an Interface Module behind them. As such they can only be lowered from the side the Module is on.


"Structural analysis complete. Security Gates connected to moving bridge operation. Activate bridge to open the gates."

In other locationsEdit

Elite Quarters Access in the Phazon Mines also features slowly-separating Security Gates frozen over by Frigidite:

"Security Gate bypass unit encased in frigidite shell. Exposure to heat could clear unit and restore function."
"Security Gates locked down. Scan indicates partial control system damage due to exposure to frigidite."

Trooper Security Station in the Temple Grounds calls the Mk VII Defense Gate a "Security Gate" in one of its scans: "Security Gate disabled. Control system offline. Gate must be destroyed to advance. Recommend use of high-yield explosives."

Processing Center Access has a Security Gate disabled by an Interface Module: "Security Gate disengaged. Access granted."

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