Security Station B is a room in the Agon Wastes in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Upon first entry, Dark Samus will slam into the ground, and shut the gates leading to Main Reactor before fleeing. Samus must find an alternate way to continue. She can only open the gates through exit of the Main Reactor, and shooting of two Dark Lift Crystals. There is a Space Pirate Logs entry in the area that is blocked off by gates.

The Dark Aetherian version of this room was the Oasis Access.

Connecting roomsEdit



"Security systems active.
Unique energy required for door access. Energize door with dark energy to open it."
Space Pirate Logs (Federation Attack)
"Log 07.013.6
Another disaster. The transport bringing our reinforcements and supplies has been shot down. It was engaged in orbit by a Federation vessel, which has landed near the alien temple. It's only a matter of time before the Marines attack. Survivors from our ship have made their way to our base. Here we shall make our stand.
Another enemy. First the shadowlings, then the Dark Hunter, and now the Galactic Federation Marine Corps. Perhaps fate will smile upon us, before the world itself opens its maw and swallows us."
"Metroid brood generation under way.
Protocol 3 in effect until further notice.
Exercise extreme caution when dealing with the birthing or storage of newborns. Remember, infant Metroids are not pets!"


  • This room appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Bonus Disc as the only encounter in the entire demo with Dark Samus.
  • Strangely, after the cutscene is triggered but before exiting and reloading this room, if the Dark Beam is hacked the gates will not move even if shot with the Dark Beam. The room would need to be reloaded first.