A Security bioscan lock in the top right.

Security bioscan locks are wall hatches found in Space Pirate bases in Metroid Prime. They appear in the Research Entrance room of Glacier One and Mine Security Station on Level One of the Phazon Mines. It is from these hatches that Pirates emerge to attack Samus. Presumably, they lead to inaccessible areas of the base. Scanning these hatches reveals that they can only be opened by a bioform with Space Pirate life signs, and thus are impossible to access.

These doors appear at the top of the Elite Quarters on the final level of the Mines. However, while the hallways beyond the doors are modelled, they do not move and are simply part of the room geometry, though these would be the expected spawn points for the Trooper Pirates summoned during the Omega Pirate battle. The Troopers spawn on top of the ceiling catwalk instead.

There are similar inaccessible Doors on the top floor of the Command Courtyard on the Pirate Homeworld in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

By backing a Trooper Pirate into a bioscan lock in the Mines, Samus can open the door. However, an invisible barrier prevents entry and the path leads to nothing.


Research Entrance
"Force Field accessible only through Space Pirate bio-imaging. Impossible to breach."
Mine Security Station
"Security bioscan locks in place. Locks keyed to Space Pirate life signs only. Access denied."