You can walk up to a handle and using the movement of the controller twist and pull it into position to activate something. Your hand movement mirrors the movement of the Wii controller.

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Security Station.

A security lever is an interactive mechanism used several times in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, most often to power up a system or unlock an area. It is represented as a thruster handle that Samus must pull out, turn counter-clockwise and push back in. This is accomplished by making the respective motions using the Wii Remote in Context-Sensitive Mode.

The mechanism first appears on the G.F.S. Olympus, where it opens the Security Station for Samus to undergo a biohazard scan, and then another one inside the box opens its exit. Ghor, who goes through the security check before Samus, interfaces with the machinery instead of using the security lever.

Arriving on Norion, Samus finds that the three Fedtech Plasma Generators powering the planet's Defense Cannon have been knocked offline by a Space Pirate attack. It becomes her objective to restore power to these generators so that the Galactic Federation can respond to the threat. To restore power, Samus goes to Generator A and C (Rundas reactivates Generator B for her). In Docking Hub Alpha, a security lever must be activated to call an elevator for Samus to use to progress further into the base. In Generator A, a security lever serving as a manual override is blocked initially by several "Jolly Roger" Drones and some debris, and powers up a Hand Scanner that activates the Generator when Samus uses it. In Generator C, the override is unobstructed, but Samus must navigate a series of Morph Ball tunnels and fight Meta Ridley in the shaft under Generator C to dislodge the stuck Generator before she can use the Hand Scanner.

A security lever is also used to power up the Satellite Uplink in the downed G.F.S. Theseus, and disable a force field blocking progression in the Overgrown Ruins of the Bryyo Thorn Jungle. Finally, in the Proving Grounds Lift on the Pirate Homeworld, two security levers appear on an elevator activation console. A "captured GF Trooper" instructs Samus that both levers must be activated simultaneously.


Pull the Wii Remote away from the screen.
Twist the Wii Remote counter-clockwise.
Push the Wii Remote toward the screen.

—On-screen tutorial

Proving Grounds Lift[]

Scan images

I even know a back entrance to that location, but will need your help activating the lift that takes us there. We've got to engage the security levers simultaneously. I'll call out the instructions. We must synchronize our movements or the security clamps won't release. Are you ready?


Remember, Samus, we have to synchronize our moves in order to activate the lift. Let's try again.

—NZG41, if the synchronization fails


Samus and NZG41 activate the Proving Grounds Lift.

Security Station
"Containment door controls have been activated. Approach and operate to open the door."
Docking Hub Alpha
"Control terminal operates nearby doors. Use terminal to gain access to the elevator."
Generator A
"These are the manual override controls for the Plasma Generator. Approach to operate controls."
Generator C
"Manual override system ready. Engage the override to bring the generator out of safety mode."
Generator C (2)
"Manual override engaged. Generator piston is stalled. Engage upper piston override."
Ancient Courtyard
"This terminal powers the energy shield found in the previous area."
Proving Grounds Lift
"Lift control console requires the activation of two systems simultaneously."
Proving Grounds Lift (used)
"Elevator activated. Lift control console is now offline."

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