Seedlings are plant-based creatures with a spherical frame with sharp spines covering their body. They are often seen scavenging the ground for food, feeding on whatever is edible. However, they are aslo often seen traversing walls and ceilings. When threatened, they will eject their spines in self-defense.[2] They can also create new spines to fire after launching the first set.

Samus encounters Seedlings in the Tallon Overworld on Tallon IV, specifically in the Temple Hall, Transport Tunnel D, Transport Tunnel E, Great Tree Hall and Life Grove.

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"Seedlings scavenge along the ground, feeding on whatever edible matter they encounter. Dorsal spines can be ejected in self defense.

The Seedling is a plant-based creature with a spherical frame. Its body is covered with sharp spines."

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Metroid Prime

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Morphology: Seedling
Plant-based ground feeder.

Logbook entry

Dorsal spines can be ejected in self defense.


  • Their behavior is similar to the Cacatacs of Zebes.
  • Like Cacatacs, Seedlings can be defeated with three shots from the Power Beam.
  • Seedlings have the shortest Logbook Scan information of any creature in Metroid Prime.



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