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Adam, the Mimic is a banned biological weapon. I expect 3500 seguru for taking care of this.

Samus Aran[1]


Seguru (セグル?)[1] is a Galactic Federation currency mentioned only once in Metroid: Volume 2. Samus Aran demands 3,500 seguru from Commander Adam Malkovich in return for her destroying the Mimic. Adam complained that it was three times the market price and that they could take it themselves, but Samus had already destroyed it.

Despite Samus's occupation as a Bounty Hunter, monetary payment such as seguru is rarely seen in the Metroid series itself. However, in the Samus Data Screen that is exclusive to the Family Computer Disk System version of the first game, a completed save file is marked with an image of moneybags, representing her payment from the Galactic Federation for completing her assigned mission. Depending on how quickly she finishes the mission, she receives 1-5 moneybags. It is possible that this payment is in seguru, or at least a predecessor to the later established currency. Much later and in computer form, Adam mentions a bounty as Samus is flying towards ZDR in the opening of Metroid Dread. He notes that the bounty for her mission on that planet (investigating a possible X Parasite presence and why contact was lost with the E.M.M.I.) is not worth the associated risk.



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