A presence door to Samus's left.

A Sensor-Lock Door (called Presence doors during Nintendo Treehouse Live) is a security system and type of door in Metroid Dread. The doors have blue security sensors that lock and turn red if unrecognized beings attempt to pass through them. If Samus tries to walk through them with the naked eye, the door will lock, and unlock when she walks away. To get past them, she must activate her Phantom Cloak and walk slowly through the door to avoid tripping its sensors.

When Artaria freezes over, the presence doors next to Corpius' room cease to function, allowing Samus to walk through them without her Phantom Cloak. Once thermal power is restored to ZDR, the doors resume function.

Official data[]

Nintendo of America tweet[]

"Aeion Abilities make their return! Samus can use the new Phantom Cloak to hide from lethal enemies and sneak through Presence doors.

#MetroidDread #NintendoTreehouseLive"[1]



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