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Serenity Class Drones are small cleaning units vaguely resembling bugs that crawl along the walls of Sanctuary Fortress in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. They do not attack living things but will inflict small damage if they come in contact with one. They do not consume or rest, but clean tunnels that lead to the upper part of the Sanctuary Fortress. One of these mechanoids is easily destroyed with the weakest weapons, but another Serenity Drone will usually take its place until there are none remaining.

They are only encountered in Temple Transport Access.

Logbook entry[]

Serenity Class Drone

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Mechanism: "Serenity" Class Drone
Independent maintenance unit. Roving mechanoid assigned to cleaning duties. Unit is unarmed and unarmored.

Logbook entry

The Serenity drones have not gone rogue. The units are defenseless, have no weapons, and cannot be eaten. These qualities make them useless to the Ing. The small drones are assigned simple maintenance tasks upon creation and perform them without hesitation until reassigned or destroyed.