Service Access is a room in the Temple Grounds. It appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is a small area that houses a Morph Ball tunnel leading to a Green Hatch. If entered from a Morph Ball tunnel in Meeting Grounds, Samus can travel above a large segment of the room. The Dark Aether counterpart of this room is the Shrine Access.

Connecting rooms[]


Before killing the Chykka[]

3 Lumites
"Morphology: Lumite
Photosynthetic flying insectoid.
Relatively harmless in shadows, powerful and invisible in the light."

After the Chykka[]

Dark War Wasps (spawning from 2 War Wasp Hives)
"Morphology: Dark War Wasp
Darkling-possessed aerial hunter.
Sturdy insect gains strength from Ing possession. It retains the ability to fire blasts of energy."


Statue (red crystal)
"Object scan complete.
Statue houses a power grid, motivator unit, and an energy-projection array.
All systems are offline, due to age or structural damage."


  • The red circles with pupils are likely Sentreye remnants. This is proven by the fact that all the Corrupted Sentreye in Shrine Access, the Dark version of this room, are always in the exact same locations.