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Shadow Freezing is a tactic used in Metroid Prime Hunters to bypass the short range of the Judicator. While the Judicator has a short range for Noxus, if he points it down while charging it, and releases it, it will send a straight line of (invisible) freezing energy. This can also be done by doing the same thing, except pointing up with the player below the target. Anyone caught in the line will freeze.

One theory as to how this works on a programming level is that when the Judicator is fully charged and fired in front of the hunter, it creates a fog cloud seen by the hunter and others. The game, however, records a wall that goes to the ends of the map (ceiling and floor). It is limited in range, though. When facing straight down and firing a charged shot, the "freezing" wall doesn't extend vertically; rather, it extends horizontally to the ends of the map. Since the entire wall is programmed to freeze whatever touches it, its limited, forward-firing range prevents it from freezing anything too far away. When pointed downward, the entire wall extends horizontally away from the hunter, hitting (and freezing) anything that touches it. Targets must be on the same elevation due to the limited escape distance of the attack (distance it travels from the player if fired normally).

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