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Shadows[1] is a foreboding, eerie theme in Metroid Prime Hunters that plays on the Celestial Archives during the first visit, from Samus's landing until the Psycho Bit encounter in Data Shrine 01. After this point, The Archives, the more recognizable theme of the area begins to play. Shadows continues to play in the first half of the Archives on subsequent visits, and into the Transfer Lock on the second. It does not play in the Docking Bay room, where Space Decay plays instead. Shadows also plays in the Fuel Stack room on the Vesper Defense Outpost after Samus scans the Interface Module to stop the station’s destruction. Shadows can later be listened to in the Music Test after Gorea's second form is defeated.

It is a remix of Moth Temple Landing Site[2], a theme from the beginning of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes which plays when Samus lands on Aether and begins to explore the Splinter Hive. This version stops after she encounters Dark Samus for the first time, entering a Portal. This version features a few of the beats present in the Ancient Chozo Ruins theme in Metroid Prime. It continues to play in this part of the Temple Grounds on subsequent visits. The original version was composed by Kenji Yamamoto, while Lawrence Schwedler and James Phillipsen composed the remix.

The theme from Echoes can be heard here, and the theme from Hunters here.


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