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The "Shaktool Chamber" is a corridor in Maridia. It appears in Super Metroid.


This chamber is found further into the area, near the sections with quantities of quicksand. The room leads to the Spring Ball and as such presents an obstacle to its immediate acquisition. The middle part of the room is blocked by a wall of sand that is indestructible to Samus's weapons.

The room is home to the Shaktool, a crude mechanism with the ability to penetrate this sand and "help" Samus. However, a wall of Power Bomb Blocks must be destroyed using a Power Bomb before it can destroy the sand. Power Bombs will not destroy the Shaktool, as it is rather sturdy. After it has cleared the way, it can hurt Samus if she comes in contact with its rotating legs. She is free to destroy it if she wishes, or collect the Spring Ball.

There are also two Yards on the right side of the room; interestingly enough, they can also destroy the Sand, but by the time that they are on-screen, the Shaktool has already mostly cleared the way. This indicates that the Sand is simply a special type of block that can only be destroyed if an enemy comes into contact with it.

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  • The German Super Metroid guidebook refers to the chamber's hardened sand as a unique rock type, "Candinum-Gestein".[1]