The interior of a shelter.

A shelter is a small architectural structure present on Bion that provides protection from the local electrical storms. They appear in M09: Blender of Metroid Prime: Federation Force. In this mission, the Federation Force is tasked with transporting one or two carts filled with power cells to their escape ship. The storms are present in the area and strike at regular intervals. The Force must enter one of these shelters in order to protect the cart they are using. If both carts are destroyed, the mission is failed.

These shelters are sealed with automatically opening doors, and contain transparent windows with elaborate markings. However, it is not invulnerable to damage. The Space Pirates will attempt to stop the Force, and may end up damaging shelters. If a shelter is damaged enough, it will not be able to protect the Federation Force or the carts. At least one of the shelters is off the path to the ship. If a storm is coming and the Force does not have time to reach a shelter, Shield Generators will block damage from the storms, assuming they were equipped prior to the mission.

Dedicated terminal[edit | edit source]

Bion Log: Shelter
To protect us from the unending wrath of the lightning, a barrier has been installed. It will ward off the danger.

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