Hunters object.

Not to be confused with Seed Shield Generator.

Two different types of Shield Generators appear in handheld Metroid Prime games for the Nintendo DS line, Metroid Prime Hunters and Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

Metroid Prime Hunters[]

In Hunters, the Shield Generator is a scannable object found in the Tetra Vista room on the Celestial Archives.

Logbook entry[]

Shield Generator

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

Force shield compromised.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force[]

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"Looks like a pile of rags..."

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In Federation Force, a Shield Generator is an equippable Support item, which when deployed creates a temporary purple shield that protects the Federation Force while wearing their Mechs from any attack. Shield Generators can also be used on moveable mission-critical objects, such as power cell carts, the Cargo Tram and the Data Uplink. Some attacks, such as Ice Titan stomps or Samus's Boost Ball, can knock the Marines out of the shield without damage.

Shield Generator
"A deployable Shield that protects Mechs while inside."


There are three MODs that can be equipped for the Shield Generator. Only one copy of each can be equipped at a time, and different levels of the MODs cannot be combined or stacked. The first, the Shield Stabilizer, causes deployed Shield Generators to last up to 50% longer.

"Increase the lifetime of Shield Generator by 20%/30%/50%."

The second, Shock Shields, will electrify Shield Generators and cause damage to enemies on contact. Only one copy of each can be equipped at a time.

"Enemies take electric damage on contact with the shield around a deployed Shield Generator."

The third, Repair Shield, deploys a shield that acts as a pseudo-Repair Capsule, healing any allied Mech that steps into it. This is somewhat similar to a Safe Zone in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

"Deploys a shield that will shortly repair any allied Mech inside of it."