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"Go for it, Samus!! You're our hero!!"

The subject of this article was created by Metroid fans.
It is not considered an official Nintendo-licensed part of the Metroid franchise. All story elements are non-canon.

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Shinesparkers is a fan website best known for hosting interviews with game developers of the Metroid series, providing news and reviews for the games, and sharing content created by their staff and the franchise's fan community.

The site was launched in May 2009 by Darren initially as a home for the fan community, Nintendo Online, but was redesigned to its current direction in August of the following year. After a hiatus in 2015, the site was relaunched in 2017 ahead of the release of Metroid: Samus Returns. In 2018, it published interviews with Jack Mathews, Clark Wen and Hirokazu Tanaka, and written features by Sonny Santa Maria and Sammy Hall. Prior to 2017, Shinesparkers interviewed Tommy Tallarico, Gene Kohler, Mike Sneath, Timothy Patrick Miller and Nate Bihldorf.

The website's name is derived from the Shinespark move and its logo from the Speed Booster symbol itself.

One of Shinesparkers' most famous creations is Harmony of a Hunter, an album of remixes made in celebration of the Metroid 25th anniversary.

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