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The ship's large glass tube is a room in Chozodia. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission.


This is a large room that connects the Space Pirate Mother Ship to Chozodia and Crateria. A large glass tube (hence the name) is the central feature of this room, which is found above a large rocky outcropping with two naturally formed ledges along its sides. Several curved green plants can be seen growing from the rock, which are present around other parts of the Mother Ship's exterior. A solid ceiling is present above the glass tube, perhaps acting as a barrier for the Acid Rain storm.

On the first visit, Samus cannot do much in this room other than run through the glass tube into Chozodia. She can enter via either of two shafts, one connected by a door and the other dropping Samus into this room via Pit Blocks. If she entered through the door, a Zebesian will follow her into this room. A second Zebesian is found underneath the tube, but it will never react to Samus's presence. After obtaining the Fully Powered Suit, Samus can return through here to rampage the Mother Ship, by which point the rain will have stopped.

Once the Power Bombs have been collected, Samus can use one here to destroy the glass tube and return to the areas of Zebes she explored before her Starship crashed. She can lay a Power Bomb near the bottom left and right walls outside of the tube to reveal paths to other expansions.

Two similar glass tubes would later be found during Super Metroid in Maridia. One tube can be shattered in the same manner with a Power Bomb, while the other tubes is already found broken, leading to fan speculation that the Mother Ship's large glass tube may be the latter broken tube.

Connecting rooms[]


A Zebesian is always located outside and underneath the glass tube. Should the alarm be active when Samus enters the room, a second Zebesian will follow her in.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"After you reach the bottom, [of the inner drop shaft] run to the left and escape the pirate ship by fleeing to the Chozo Ruins."
244 ROCKET UP THE SHAFT (pg. 84)
"To charge up your Speed Booster, run through the glass tube that connects the ruins to the pirate ship."
"When you reach the short shaft on the left side of the ship, hop into a hidden hole in the upper-left corner. Drop to the lower-left corner then bomb into a path that leads to the ship's large glass tube. Use a Power Bomb to shatter the glass."
265 power bomb tank (pg. 87)
"From the broken tube, run right, drop into a hole and use a Power Bomb to break through to a new section of the ship."
266 energy tank (pg. 88)
"Venture to the left side of the broken glass tube, drop, then detonate a Power Bomb to access a shaft."