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The ship's last chamber, also referred to as the robot's room[1] is a room in the Space Pirate Mother Ship. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission, and is the final room in the game.


This room is potentially witnessed in the cutscene that plays when Samus enters Kraid's Lair. The authentic Ridley is seen in a purple air lock-like hallway aboard the Mother Ship, glaring. The chamber is a square room with no other exits. It stretches into the background, with a hangar door visible in the very center. This door cannot be accessed, and where it leads to is unknown. The background walls seem to fan out from the door. On the ceiling, a large round hatch is present, as well as thick wires with red sections. What purpose the wires serve is unknown, but it is possible that they provide power to the room, or to projects being built in it.

Mecha Ridley, an unfinished robot built in the likeness of Ridley, was under construction in this room. When Samus enters the Mother Ship, a closeup of its eye is seen opening, with the implication that it has detected Samus's presence aboard the ship. Samus makes her way to this chamber after obtaining the Fully Powered Suit and destroys the Ridley replica in a battle.

After its defeat, it crumples to the floor and spawns a large number of Energy Capsules. Seconds later, the robot reactivates long enough to activate a five minute self-destruct mechanism. The door unlocks, allowing Samus to escape the Mother Ship in five minutes before its destruction.

This room, and the Mother Ship and Chozodia in general, did not exist in the original Metroid. Due to the Mother Ship's destruction at the end of Zero Mission, no trace of it is found in Super Metroid.

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Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

310 ridley robot (pg. 97)
"A robotic version of the boss that lurked below Norfair will stomp onto the scene when you reach the ship's last chamber. The machine protects its weak point with its arm, and it uses a wide variety of weapons. If you've collected 100% of the game's items, the boss will swipe at you with extra power and it will be able to withstand more shots.
The Ridley robot takes up more than half of the available space, giving you very little room to maneuever. Stay near the left side of the room and use the Space Jump technique to avoid the machine's attacks.
In addition to a clawing attack and fireballs, you'll deal with lasers and missiles. Screw through the missiles to get pickups and hit the machine's glowing heart with Super Missiles. Once you're done, you'll earn a ton of energy-refilling items."



  1. ^ Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide, page 104: "Run to the left from the robot's room, blast the top block in the room-splitting barrier then roll through the middle of the barrier to the other side."