Cliffside Airdock

Bryyonian starships (referred to by the last Lord of Science as the "ships of Bryyo") are found in the background of Bryyo Cliffside.

For reasons unknown, the ships are attached to the surface of Bryyo by enormous metal chains, though some can also be found jutting from the cliffside. They are comprised of a fiery core with large glowing tendrils extending outwards, and a partial outer layer seemingly made of the same stone material used in most Bryyonian architecture. These outer layers have large gaps that expose the core, from which it could be inferred that the ships are damaged or incomplete- however, two of the Bryyo Data paintings, Golden Age and Age of Science, depict them flying across the sky in this state. According to the Bryyo Data entry Age of Science, these ships were instrumental in the Reptilicus' first contact with the Chozo, Luminoth, and Ylla.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is never mentioned why the ships are chained to the planet, or have become embedded in the walls.
  • How some of the ships float in place after so many years of inactivity is unclear.
  • The silhouette of these ships strongly resembles the Necromorph Moon in Dead Space 3.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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