Man the Heavy Turret to inflict serious damage!

4-Player match at the Shooting Gallery.

The Shooting Gallery is a multiplayer stage in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and is composed of four main areas. It has Chozo architecture, but contains Dark Aether water.



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The main room is where most of the action will occur. It has a "Vigilance" Class Turret and a Grapple Point. If one goes behind the turret with the Morph Ball activated, Samus can lay a bomb in the Bomb Slot, the turret will explode and the enemy manning the turret will die. The turret is accessed by two ramps on the side of the room. In front of the turret, there are bombable grates that cover some dark water.

To the left or right of the main room, there is a room containing a peninsula surrounded by dark water and contains a Kinetic Orb Cannon that launches a Morph Ball above where the bottom entrance and will lead to the main room. There are also the Super Missiles available in the room. In front of the main room, connected by the hallways, there is a circular room with a Kinetic Orb Canon that launches a Morph Ball to a center room. This room is used to attack the cannon stealthily.


A glitch can be performed here. If one stands underneath the Grapple Point in the open space and destroys the grating blocking the Dark Water, Samus will be rapidly drained of her health. As soon as she is about to die, she must grapple onto the point. When she respawns, she will be holding her arm up as if she is grappling onto something, when in reality she isn't. This glitch is also present in Vault Attack Portal in the game's story mode.